I’M BACK!!!!!!!

So thanks to my friend Hillary ( http://barefootedlove.wordpress.com/ ) I’m decideing to start blogging again. Looking at my posts from the past, THAT WAS NOT A HEALTHY DIET!!! What that was, was starving myself. I cannot believe I put myself through that. So as of January I’ve decided that I’m not going to just lose weight to be skinny; NO!!!! I want to be healthy and be closer to the healthy size I should be for my height and weight. So lately I’ve just been eating healthier and working out a few times a week and I lost 16 pounds. However my friends Meagan and Summer did this diet that the pastors wife at our church does and it is called ‘P.I.N.K. Method’ you might have heard of it before. Well now i’m doing it. I started yesterday and I thought I was going to die!!!! But then again knowing that I was about to do this diet I went crazy and ate a bunch of junk.

In the P.I.N.K. Method you have the Reset, Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3. Currently I’m doing the Reset. Which basically is no carbs and no sugars. Breakfast is a protein shake, lunch and dinner are the same; 4 oz. of protein and then 2 sides of veggies. I can eat/snack on as many veggies as I want. Yesterday for dinner my mom tried to make a recipe from the P.M. book and it was supposed to be a carrot and cauliflower soup…NEVER AGAIN. It was the grossest food I’ve ever ate. Looked up some recipes online that look and sound waaaaaay better. I have to do this reset for 14 days due to my height and weight. Then I will be starting Phase 1 which will introduce me to little fruits and some carbs. Phase 1 will also start including my workouts which will make me happy because I’m used to working out a few times a week but on this new diet; while on the reset I can’t workout 😦

That is my update for now. I hope to be on here more, maybe post some recipes that I like and if anyone else is out there doing the P.M. I give you major props and I’m with you GIRL!!!! Lets see some MAJOR results together!!!!


Peace, Love, God Bless,