Days 6,7 &8

Day 6-

Breakfast:  Cookies and cream protein shake.

Lunch:  Subway with Zoe… 6 inch  9 grain honey oat turkey sub with lettuce, spinach, pickles, onions, light mayonnaise, and vinegar.

Dinner:  We were at the Dome so my food choices were limited. I had a veggie dog with fries :/ and  Bud Light 🙂

Snack:  I had 2 little cookies 😦

Day 7-

Breakfast:  None… I slept waaaaay in! :O

Lunch:  Dad made mashed potatoes and gravy, red cabbage, roasted chicken,  salad and biscuits.

Dinner:  left over chicken, red cabbage and a biscuit.

Day 8-

Breakfast:  Chocolate Banana protein shake

Lunch:  Went out for lunch at Wendy’s had a Caesar side salad and a 4 piece chicken nugget and a water.

Dinner:  Salad with chicken and a bowl of corn… currently have the munchies and craving chocolate… going to find something now. 🙂


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